• Victims were leaving to take shelter in safe place when they got stuck in flood.
  • Authorities couldn’t get a helicopter due to bad weather. 
  • Residents of area demand govt to support their families financially.

KOHISTAN: Five friends, who were stranded on a rock surrounded by flood water for three hours, were leaving in their cars to take shelter in a safe place after the flood warning which eventually led to their death. 

The victims got out of their cars and stepped onto the rock after seeing the flash flood approaching them.

According to the district administration, they were informed about the incident at 10:30am after which the rescue workers were told to reach the site. 

However, the rescue workers had to go to the victims on foot as the bridge had broken down. 

The authorities asked the government to provide a helicopter for their rescue but it could not happen due to the bad weather. 

The administration continued its efforts to rescue the victims but four of them were swept away by the heavy flooding. Only one of them could be rescued and recovered only one of the bodies. 

The residents of the area are demanding the government to support their families financially. 


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