— Provided by the reporter


— Provided by the reporter 
  • High-level investigation starts at Karachi airport to see whether situation occurred due to air traffic control’s negligence or pilot.
  • Airbus A-320 took off from Runway 7R while another airline was one kilometre away from same runway.
  • Air traffic control asked pilot coming from Peshawar to “go around”.

KARACHI: Two planes narrowly escaped an accident at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport. 

An investigation has been started into the incident whether the situation occurred due to the negligence of air traffic control or the fault of the pilot. 

According to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority sources, a flight of a private airline was scheduled from Karachi to Islamabad to depart at 1pm on Saturday.

The Airbus A-320 took off from Runway 7R at 1:15 while another airline from Peshawar was one kilometre away from the same runway where it was supposed to land. 

According to aviation sources, one of the planes was taking off from the same runway while the other was about to land. 

Air traffic control asked the pilot coming from Peshawar to “go around”, however, the pilot allegedly ignored the instruction, said the sources. 

They added that a high-level investigation has been launched at Karachi airport in this regard.


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