WATCH: Jemima Khan impresses Pakistanis by singing classic Urdu song

Jemima Goldsmith, who is a British screenwriter and PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s former wife, revealed that she used to sing an Urdu song with her kids when they were younger. 

In a video going viral on the internet, Jemima could be heard singing a very popular Pakistani song. 

British journalist Emb Hashmi shared an interview clip with Jemima, during which she sang “Aao Bacho Sair Karain” — a song by Pakistani singer Saleem Raza. 

The host requested Jemima speak Urdu, to which she sang her a song. 

See what the users say:

The screenwriter tends to be patriotic toward Pakistan due to her strong affiliation with the country and the time she spent here. She has also been vocal in giving statements in Pakistan’s favour time and again.

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