A photo of former prime minister Imran Khan taken during his visit to Lahore on Sunday has gone viral, drawing criticism from netizens.

The PTI chairman was in the provincial capital for a day of meetings, including one with Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi and former federal minister Moonis Elahi at the former’s office.

The photo of the meeting, in which the PTI chairman was sitting on the chief minister’s seat, quickly went viral, sparking a social media storm, with many questioning his authority to sit on the provincial chief executive’s seat.

Insider information

According to senior anchorperson Hamid Mir, “a lot of people are criticising Imran Khan for sitting on the chief minister’s seat, but they are unaware of the details as to what happened there.”

Mir stated that this does not happen; no one does this on his own.

Mir added that when Imran Khan visited the CM Punjab office to congratulate Pervez Elahi on his victory, he was photographed sitting on the CM’s seat while meeting the PML-Q leader.

“When Pervez Elahi arrived at his office, he asked Imran Khan to sit there, but the PTI chairman told him that it was his seat.” Moonis Elahi responded, “We got this because of you [Imran Khan], so you sit there.”

According to the veteran journalist, the father and son duo forced Imran Khan to sit in the chief minister’s chair.

“I believe Imran Khan should have been cautious and should have avoided the situation despite their insistence.”

Backlash on social media

Many social media users, journalists, and politicians condemned the PTI chairman’s “ill-mannered” move.

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