• CCTV footage of arrest of Shahbaz Gill surfaces. 
  • Video contradicts PTI leaders’ claims. 
  • Video shows Gill was not tortured and men arresting him were in uniform and not plainclothes.

ISLAMABAD: The CCTV videotape of Shahbaz Gill’s arrest has surfaced and it contradicts the claims of PTI leaders regarding Gill’s arrest.

PTI senior leader and party chairman Imran Khan’s aide Shahbaz Gill was taken into custody for inciting the public against state institutions, a spokesperson of the Islamabad police said on August 9. “Shahbaz Gill has been arrested for making statements against state institutions and inciting the people to rebellion,” said the police spokesperson.

The PTI had earlier claimed that Gill was taken away by men in plainclothes. However, uniformed police personnel can be seen in the footage.

The videotape shows that the security personnel are signalling Gill to come out of a car. However, when he did not comply with the order, they shattered the window of the car with a gun.

Later, Gill can be seen coming out of his car, contrary to PTI’s claim that he was dragged and tortured. He can be seen walking up to the police vehicle himself and sitting in the car.

Islamabad Police officers were present in uniform at the time of his arrest. A police mobile van can also be seen in the CCTV footage.

Similarly, the claims of Gill’s driver regarding his torture were also proved wrong. The CCTV video shows that Gill’s driver was not tortured.

After Gill was whisked away, the driver can be seen parking the vehicle by the roadside.

There is a contradiction in the statement of Gill’s driver regarding the incident. Firstly, he tried to show a wound on his neck while standing next to the vehicle. Meanwhile, there was no injury to his hand.

The driver changed his statement shortly after the incident. He forgot about the neck injury, though he had earlier claimed he was hit with the butt of a Kalashnikov.

He also did not explain why he bandaged his hand.


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