• Another sinkhole appears near CM House amid rain related destruction
  • Traffic police stops flow of vehicles.
  • Places iron fences around sinkhole to prevent anyone or vehicle from falling inside it.

The dilapidated sewerage system in Karachi has been exposed once again in the shape of a sinkhole that appeared on the main road near CM House in Karachi following the recent downpours in the city. 

This has exposed not only the fault in system but also the tall claims of the provincial government about addressing the rain emergency.

It is the second sinkhole that has appeared on Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road — which is a major thoroughfare that leads to Clifton — during the current monsoon season. 

After the occurrence, the traffic police stopped the flow of vehicles on this road.

As per the traffic police, a sewerage line of a diametere of 88 inches sank due to its brittle condition, creating a 15 to 20 feet deep pothole on the road.

Following the practice, the traffic police placed iron fences around the sinkhole to prevent anyone or vehicle from falling inside it.

Whenever the sewage line gets damaged at one point, the staff of the Water Sewerage Board repairs that part only. But afterwards, the same situation arises at another point and the cyclical problem continues.

Earlier, a similar sinkhole appeared at a distance of some yards on the same road on July 26, while another major sinkhole appeared in front of Shaheen Complex recently.

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