• Muhammad Shabbir says he “uttered some phrases and he is ashamed of doing that.”
  • PTI worker apologises, says he will not do this in future. 
  • Shabbir says he has been affiliated with PTI for 10 years. 

Another PTI worker tendered his apology for issuing remarks against the Pakistan Army. 

The worker, Muhammad Shabbir, said that he has been affiliated with the party for 10 years and has affection for both the PTI and party chairperson Imran Khan. 

“I went to the Supreme Court’s registry along with my friends — who also belong to the PTI — where I uttered some phrases after they insisted me to do so. I am now ashamed of doing that,” said Shabbir. 

The PTI worker said that he realised that he has made a serious mistake. “I am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments,” he said, adding that he will not make this mistake in future. 

Earlier, an ex-office bearer of the PTI’s student branch, Muhammad Muneeb Kiyani, disclosed that he ran a smear campaign on social media against Pakistan Army soldiers.

He stated that he was ashamed and apologetic for what he did and that he did it because of the influence of “certain people”.

He added that the error he made was due to the influence of “certain people,” admitting “there was no truth in the tweets I generated and it was a big mistake. I also did not verify them.”

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