The police asked the public to stay home, avoid crowded places and protect themselves and their families.
Public emergencies and crises
The “Aman Ya Baladi” program, prepared by Sharjah police’s Department of Media and Public Relations, which is broadcast live on Sharjah Radio On Sunday evening, discussed the role of the public in emergencies and crises under the real-time circumstances of the world, to deal with the event through an integrated system of awareness on a permanent basis.
During his interview with the presenter, Lt. Saud Bouwasim, the program’s guest Lt. Col. Dr. Hamdan Al-Taneiji, head of the Crisis and Disaster Management Department at Sharjah Police, spoke about the efforts and measures taken by all concerned authorities in the face of the threat of the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the rules that members of the public adhere to when dealing with any emergency or crisis that may occur in the state, spreading a culture of awareness to reassure members of the community through official media platforms as a source of information to understand the challenges they face and how to deal with them, to prevent the spread of rumors. And to inform them of the efforts of all state institutions.
He explained that many proactive measures have been taken for Sharjah’s emergency, crisis and disaster management team, and has proved its full readiness to curb the rapid spread of the virus and reduce its severity, thanks to efforts and continuous coordination with stakeholders, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life and instilling a sense of peace in the community.

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