A representational image of the Twitter logo. — Reuters/File

A representational image of the Twitter logo. — Reuters/File

In a new study, researchers found that executive candidates, such as CEOs and CIOs — who consistently share their knowledge, and expertise while flaunting their skills on Twitter — are 32% more likely to attract high-paying jobs.

However, the study also found that posting poorly or risky Tweets that faced backlash can have a negative effect. Not only that but posting “too much” can come across as conceited.

Nevertheless, if done right, self-promotion through Twitter can set a candidate apart from others.

“People who are actively self-promoting on Twitter will benefit from doing that,” said Andrew Whinston, one of the co-authors of the paper, in a media release.

To conduct the study, researchers analysed how many self-promoting posts executives made and the size of their follower base. They also took note of how closely the tweets matched with the requirements of a job or a company.

The researchers tallied the candidates who were looking for similar jobs, with one group self-promoting through social media while others did not do so.

Researchers discovered that C-level job candidates that used Twitter often to flaunt their skills and expertise were more likely to be offered high-paying jobs than those who didn’t promote their personal brand online.

“Self-promotion worked in this class of people,” Whinston said. “We found that the idea of self-promotion is indeed a valid concept and that it’s worth some time and effort to promote yourself on Twitter.”

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