Fakhar Zaman of Gang 102 can be seen in this picture. — By the author


Fakhar Zaman of ‘Gang 102’ can be seen in this picture. — By the author

LAHORE: The ringleader of Lahore’s notorious “Gang 102” Fakhar Zaman has been arrested from Karachi, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Bilal Siddique said on Friday.

The CCPO said that eight members of the gang had also been nabbed by Gulberg Investigation Police while raids are being conducted to arrest others currently hiding.

The police officer didn’t share further details from which area of the metropolis Fakhar Zaman was arrested and when.

CCPO Bilal Siddiqui said that the 25-member violent group of boys used to torture students outside schools and upload their videos on social media to spread fear.

“The accused will be punished according to the law”, Bilal Siddiqui said.

Earlier in February, three members of the gang were taken into custody after footage uploaded on social media showed them roaming on roads in a large group.

According to reports, the students of various Lahore colleges had formed the gang and would beat schoolchildren and rivals.

They used to travel in a double-cabin and other luxury vehicles to show their “strength”.

The police said that action was taken after it received multiple complaints about the gang’s violent activities torturing students outside their schools.


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