The jalsa invitation of PTI in Jhelum. — Twitter/@fawadchaudhry

The jalsa invitation of PTI in Jhelum. — Twitter/@fawadchaudhry
  • PTI all set to hold a public rally in Jehlum today.
  • Rain and flood-related death toll crosses 980 in Pakistan.
  • PTI’s decision has not been welcomed by people.

The PTI is all set to hold a public rally in Jhelum today, with the party’s senior vice president Fawad Chaudhry saying that it is being staged for “real independence”.

The jalsa will take place at 3pm in Syed Zamir Jaffari Stadium, Jhelum, according to a photo shared by Fawad — a former federal minister.

The announcement did not sit well with people.

Journalists, politicians, and other people took to Twitter to denounce the move, stressing that in light of the catastrophic floods in the country, the party should have called it off.

Some called it “tone deaf” and others “shameless”.

‘Play jalsa jalsa if you want, we will prioritise relief efforts’

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari — also the Minister for Foreign Affairs — said that the opposition can “play jalsa jalsa” if the choose to, but the party and the Sindh government will prioritise relief efforts.

“If they want to play jalsa jalsa, they may, and they can continue to demand elections. Pur priority right now is to share in the grief of the monsoon affected,” Bilawal said.

“We aim to provide whatever relief we can, whether from the federal government, the provincial government, in a personal capacity, however, we can help them, [we will],” he added.

The foreign minister said that politics “can continue later”.

“We will see, and InshaAllah face it head on, but right now our priority is to support the flood affectees.”

‘Bad taste’

‘Ghulami namanzoor’

‘Nation drowning, but what difference does it make?’

‘This is the action of a leader?’

‘Tone deaf’

‘If tone-deaf had a face’



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