Image of electricity grids (representational) — Canva/file

Image of electricity grids (representational) — Canva/file
  • K-Electric spokesperson says June FCA’s relief applies only to Non-ToU residential consumers. 
  • Consumers having power consumption exceeding 300 units, commercial, and industrial consumers do not qualify for relief, he says.
  • Our customer care centres remained open during weekends for consumers’ convenience, says K-Electric spokesperson.

In view of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s announcement regarding the exemption of Fuel Charges Adjustment (FCA), around 1.8 million Karachi Electric (KE) consumers are getting relief in the bills for August, the KE said in a statement.

According to KE, the announcement of June’s FCA relief has come in two parts, as it was first announced for Non-ToU Residential Consumers having electricity consumption up to 200 units in June, and later it was extended to the same category of consumers with power consumption up to 300 units in June.

“While the revised bills for August are being delivered to the consumers on their premises, it is also important to note that all those eligible consumers who have already paid their non-revised August bills will receive adjusted bills for September,” it added.

Commenting on the matter, K-Electric Spokesperson said, “we are taking every possible measure to pass on the benefit to the qualifying consumers in line with the announcement made by the Honorable Prime Minister.

“Following the announcement of the relief package, our customer care centres operated for extended hours and remained open during the weekends for consumers’ convenience. However, to further ease the procedure for their benefit, we are also delivering the bills to consumers’ doorsteps so that they do not have to visit our centres physically,” he added.

KE spokesperson further added that KE customers may also download their bills via KE WhatsApp Service, KE Live App and from the company’s website.

While reiterating the eligibility criteria of the relief package, the Spokesperson further said, “June FCA’s relief applies only to Non-ToU residential consumers who have a power consumption equal to or less than 300 units.”

All the remaining electricity consumers, such as ToU residential consumers, Non-ToU residential consumers having power consumption exceeding 300 units, commercial, and industrial consumers do not qualify for the relief, and thus, are requested to timely pay their bills to avoid late payment surcharge.

“Our customer care platforms, including our call centre 118, 8119 SMS service, and social media channels are also available 24/7 to answer any query from our consumers in this regard,” the Spokesperson said.

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