Ahmad Amin Bodla. — Facebook/ Ahmad Amin Bodla/File


Ahmad Amin Bodla. — Facebook/ Ahmad Amin Bodla/File  

Adds yet another feather in his cap, top Pakistani martial artist Ahmad Amin Bodla broke his 14th Guinness World Record.

Bodla performed 534 one-leg push-ups carrying 60 pounds on back in one hour. The previous Guinness World Record was 300.

This category was introduced by Guinness World Records in 2023 and the minimum target to achieve the record was 300.

Bodla nearly doubled it and he was currently world”s number one in three Guinness World Record categories of the world, 355 kicks in one minute, 801 kicks in three minutes and 6970 kicks in one hour.

In addition to this, Bodla has held 10 more Guinness World Records in the past decade.

In another event, a global record for stilt-walking was broken by hundreds of members of the Karbi community, an indigenous minority in northeast India, the New York Post reported.

They created a queue that stretched a remarkable 1.24 miles, setting a new world record for the longest-moving queue of people walking on stilts with 721 participants.

According to the record book, the group, well-known for their traditional sport of Kang Dong Dang, which involves them racing to a finish line on stilts, walked on bamboo stilts for ten minutes.


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