Image showing a variety of Pakistani dishes served on a table. — APP


Image showing a variety of Pakistani dishes served on a table. — APP

BEIJING: Pakistani restaurants present one of the tastiest cuisines in the world based on a long historic tradition and cooking excellence. And now, they are contributing to Beijing’s diverse food culture as well.

Little Lahore, one of the most-renowned Pakistani restaurants in the Chinese capital, offers a wide range of fresh authentic and delicious Pakistani food, including chicken biryani, samosas, golgappay, seekh kababs, and lassi.

Pakistani cuisines are not only popular among Pakistani customers but also liked by the Chinese people.

Asif Jalil, the owner of Little Lahore, told APP that Pakistani food, especially the traditional desi dishes, is very popular in China and now the Chinese are developing a taste for that.

He said that nationals of other countries also like Pakistani food and they regularly visit his outlet and enjoy different dishes.

Maqsad, a student based in Beijing and hailing from a Central Asian country, told APP that Pakistani food is unique in its taste, adding that he often visits Pakistani outlets with his friends.

Jin Yi, an event organiser from China, said that Pakistani restaurants present a delicious variety of Pakistani food to Chinese and other foreign guests.

She said he hoped that the culture of Pakistani food will become “more popular across China in near future.”

In addition to Little Lahore, Khan Baba and Zam Zam, located in different districts of the Chinese capital, are also very popular among Pakistani and Chinese citizens.

Little Lahore and Khan Baba restaurants are located in central Chaoyang District while Zam Zam is situated in Haidian District.

Shandong cuisine, halal dishes, Chinese aristocratic cuisine and imperial dishes, etc., are also very famous among Beijing residents.

The notable dishes are Peking duck, instant-boiled mutton, sautéed meat shreds with soybean paste, and quick-fried tripe, among others.


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