Pakistan set for internet revolution with 5G launch

The caretaker IT Minister, Dr Umar Saif, announced in a recent meeting with VEON Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Kan Terzuoglu, a commitment to revolutionise the telecom industry in Pakistan by launching 5G.

This move aims to create a more conducive environment for capitalism.

The launch of 5G is anticipated to bring about a significant improvement in internet access for Pakistanis, offering enhanced browsing, uploading, and downloading speeds.

During the meeting, the Minister commended VEON Group for its efforts in ensuring the availability of technology and smartphones in Pakistan.

Dr Umar Saif, highlighting the government’s dedication to providing quality telecom services, stated that enhancing connectivity is a top priority.

He also revealed plans for a spectrum auction to further improve telecom services. Amir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, was also present at the meeting.

Dr Umar Saif encouraged Jazz to invest in sectors such as e-agriculture, e-education, and e-health in Pakistan.

Despite the existence of various 4G networks in Pakistan, not all provide high-speed internet services.

Before the official launch of 5G in Pakistan, there is an urgent need for telecommunication companies to enhance mobile data coverage and expand the number of towers, especially with the impending launch of 5G in Pakistan.

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