Picture showing an Edhi ambulance. — AFP

Picture showing an Edhi ambulance. — AFP
  • Police say dentists’ employee was killed in incident, while the doctor and his wife are injured.
  • SSP says doctor and his wife’s health out of danger. 
  • Police says injured and dead were dual nationals.

KARACHI: One person was killed while two were injured in an attack on a Chinese dentist’s clinic in the Saddar area of the metropolis, the police said on Wednesday.

The unidentified suspect arrived at Dr H U Richard’s clinic as a patient and opened fire as soon as his number for the treatment came, the police said.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) South Syed Asad Raza said that Dr Richard’s employee Ronald was killed in the incident. While Dr Richard and his wife Margaret have sustained injuries, he added.

The SSP also shared that the Dr and his wife’s health is out of danger, adding that the injured and the deceased held dual nationalities. 

SSP Raza said that the police have found a 9mm pistol and empty bullet shells from the crime scene. An investigation into the matter is underway.

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