Oman’s hospitality sector looks set for a strong rebound in 2022, after Covid-19 travel restrictions led to the weakest performance over the past six years in 2020



CASE STUDY: Yenkit Hills – Oman Ministry of Tourism

> Developer: Qurm Stone Development

Stage: Study

Estimated value: $1bn

Work on the three-phase project, which has been allocated a 50-hectare plot in the Yenkit area of the capital, is expected to commence in 2022.

Phase one is understood to comprise a 90-unit, five-star resort, with the second phase comprising 122 housing units and a commercial complex. The final phase of Yenkit Hills will include a five-star hotel with 150 rooms and 50 hotel apartments.

The project is scheduled for overall completion in 2026.

Oman’s Tourism & Heritage Ministry has signed a $155.8m agreement with the local QurmStone Development Company for the Yenkit Hills project in Muscat.

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