Noor Mukadam (L) and Sarah Inam — two women who were brutally slain by their friend and husband, respectively. — Twitter

Noor Mukadam (L) and Sarah Inam — two women who were brutally slain by their friend and husband, respectively. — Twitter 

Following the brutal murder of Canadian national Sarah Inam, who was allegedly killed by her husband Shahnawaz Amir — the son of renowned journalist Ayaz Amir — people from all walks of life are coming forward to support the deceased’s parents.

Akin to others, the mother of Noor Mukadam — the 27-year-old woman who was killed by Zahir Jaffar in Islamabad’s upscale Sector F-7/4 on July 20, 2021 — came forward to show solidarity with Sarah’s parents and suggested them “not to spare” the killer. 

In a video posted to Instagram by the page “Justice for Noor”, her mother could be heard saying: “It felt like another Noor was killed when I heard about Sarah’s murder.”

She added that she and her family were in a state of shock as to what had happened when they learned about Sarah’s murder, adding that justice delayed is justice denied.

“Had [the justice system of this country] ensured Zahir Jaffar’s case was not delayed, he [Shahnawaz] would have thought before killing her that he would also be hanged if he would commit this crime.”

Noor’s mother stressed that unless and verdicts are issued on such cases at the earliest, such heinous crimes would continue unabated. 

“Now, our daughters are not even safe at their husband’s houses, is this what we have come to?” she questioned.

In a message to Sarah’s parents, Noor’s mother asked them “not to spare Shahnawaz”.

“Our daughters are not worthless,” she said. “The daughters of Pakistan are not worthless, so why are they being subjected to such acts of brutality.”

She appealed to the Inam family to pursue the cases at all costs, adding that she and her family stand in solidarity with them and will pray for them.

“Don’t spare them no matter what,” she said. “Such brilliant women, who could have done so much for Pakistan, are being butchered in this way. Things will only get better if one or two of these criminals are hanged,” she said.

Sarah Inam, 37, was a Pakistani expat who was married to Shahnawaz only to be allegedly murdered by her husband, just three months into their marriage. 

Shahnawaz allegedly killed Sarah at home — a farmhouse in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad area — after a row over a “family issue”. After being detained by the police as the prime suspect in the murder — he confessed to killing Sarah, saying he “thought” his spouse was having an affair.

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