People often travel via aeroplanes or trains from one city to another, but following an adventurous move, a man visited Pakistan from France in his car and went back in the same way.

Ali Saad — an overseas Pakistani living in Paris — started this journey on June 24, 2022.

Speaking with Geo.tv, Ali spoke about his daring decision and said that he is very fond of travelling since childhood and has journeyed across Pakistan on his car and motorcycle.

“I’ve also read many travel books in my childhood which made me curious to travel and explore different places via car. One day, I just thought of travelling from France to Pakistan in my car,” he said.

How long was Ali’s journey by car?

Ali shared that it took him 18 days to come to Pakistan and 12 to return from Islamabad to France by car, all while he was accompanied by his wife and two children.

To reach Pakistan, Ali and his family began their journey on June 24 this year and reached their destination on August 11.

Further explaining the purpose of his trip, Ali said: “My purpose was to not only go from one corner to another but to travel, which is why I drove across countries rather than taking the direct route.”

Countries travelled throughout the trip

While sharing the details of his journey, Ali said that he first went to Germany, and then went to Pakistan via Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, and Iran.

Ali also shared a few tips for those who want to embark on a similar trip and recommended carrying as few things as possible to ensure travelling light.

“Try to carry as little as possible, and have adequate food and drink because you never know. How long it will take to repair if the car breaks down somewhere? Besides, fill the tank when it is half empty because there can be traffic anywhere on the way. When travelling, I have also waited for 10 to 12 hours for traffic to be restored at many places.”

Sleeping while travelling on a long journey

“I would feel very sleepy, so to deal with that, I’d stop by every few hours to have coffee. To avoid leg pain, I would also walk. If very drowsy, I would stop the car at a suitable place and sleep for a while. I have also slept at petrol pumps during this journey,” Ali said.

Expenses of the 18-day trip

Commenting on the expenses incurred during the trip, Ali told Geo.tv that the amount spent on petrol during the trip cost him three times more than the amount it takes for one to travel from France to Pakistan.

“I spent a lot of money. It cost me three times more than the amount of money it takes for one to travel from France to Pakistan by plane. People think that travelling by car is easy and cheap, but this is not the case,” Ali said.

During the trip, Ali said that he used around 1,500 litres of petrol. He shared that petrol is expensive in Europe as compared to Pakistan.

On this two-way journey from France to Pakistan and back, Ali spent roughly Rs750,000.


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