• Rana Sanaullah says the government will take hold of Imran Khan as he enters Islamabad along with his long march. 
  • Says he will be hanged upside down. 
  • Says the government cannot ensure the safety of anyone if an angry mob attacks the federal capital. 

The government will hang Chairman PTI Imran Khan upside down as he takes his long march into Islamabad, warned Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan on Thursday.

“Imran Khan doesn’t know what the government is planning to do with him this time around,” he said, speaking in the Geo News programme Capital Talk.

“Imran Khan should commit his life to God’s refuge as he comes out for the long march.”

The federal minister stressed that the government cannot guarantee the safety of anyone’s life. “How will the government be able to guarantee the safety of anyone’s life when an armed and charged mob attacks the federal capital?” he questioned.

He warned that someone from the crowd could do anything, or he could be hit by the police.

The minister said that the government has not revealed the strategy to cope with PTI’s long march.

Responding to a question regarding the audio leaks, he said that no government agency is involved in the issue. It is an individual who made the recordings by hacking the phone or placing something on the table. 

Punjab Home Minister directs to arrest Rana Sana

Rana Sanaullah’s remarks come as Imran Khan throws the gauntlet to the minister, saying the PTI will surprise him with its next move. 

Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab on Interior Omar Sarfraz Cheema said that Rana Sana will be arrested as he enters Punjab. He said the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Punjab has obtained the non-bailable warrant for the federal minister.

The arrest warrant is effective till October 19.

The Advisor Interior directed the Inspector General of Punjab police to provide assistance to the ACE Punjab for the arrest of Rana Sanaullah in a land acquisition case. 

He directed Rana’s arrest to be carried out in accordance with the law.


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