The activity map of NOWInclusive tour. — NOWPDP


NOWPDP — a disability inclusion initiative — has launched a NOWInclusive tour in order to promote disability awareness and inclusion through immersive and educational activities representing various disabilities.

Through this “interactive journey,” the NGO aims to immerse the people in activities representing visual, hearing, physical and intellectual disabilities; whilst also learning about disability etiquette, through sensitisation.

The activity map of NOWInclusive tour. — NOWPDP

“At NOWPDP we believe that innovation and empowerment is the key to pursuing an inclusive society because traditional models of charity have further marginalised persons with disabilities,” NOWPDP CEO Omair Ahmad said while speaking to

He said that the NOWInclusive tour was yet another representation of the trailblazing initiatives that NOWPDP was pursuing, to bring about a Bashamool (inclusive) Pakistan.

“Through this tour we aim to demonstrate, for a fleeting moment, what the life of a person with a disability entails and the challenges that they face, on a daily basis,” he said, adding that they hope that this tour gives the participants food for thought on how they can play a small role in creating an equitable society for persons with disabilities.

According to the plan, a draft of which was seen by, the tour includes several activities with a special intention behind each one of them.

Programme flow of NOWPDPs NOWInclusive tour. — NOWPDP
Programme flow of NOWPDP’s NOWInclusive tour. — NOWPDP

It should be noted that NOWPDP was established in 2008 as a disability inclusion initiative. 

It works in the areas of identity, welfare, education, skills development and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities. The pillars that drive the organisation’s mandate include: 

  • Rehnumai (Guidance)
  • Shanakht  (Identity)
  • Falah         (Welfare)
  • Taleem      (Education)
  • Hunar        (Skills)
  • Rozgar       (Employment)
  • Khudmukhtari (Self-reliance)

Thumbnail image of NOWPDP’s office in Karachi is taken from their website.


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