Fatima Bhutto pictured with her husband Graham on their wedding. — Instagram

Fatima Bhutto pictured with her husband Graham on their wedding. — Instagram

Former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s granddaughter and author, Fatima Bhutto’s wedding has become the talk of the town for its simplicity and minimalism.

The Pakistani author got married in an intimate ceremony at her family home in Karachi’s 70 Clifton, her brother Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Junior revealed by posting a picture of the bride and groom on Instagram last week.

However, he said that the family didn’t find it appropriate to celebrate the wedding “lavishly due to the difficult circumstances felt by our fellow countrymen and women”.

Later, Fatima Bhutto also announced holding no more ceremonies as she said, “I’m not one for opulent weddings but especially now it feels so inappropriate given what so many are struggling through.”

On her big day, the bride slipped into a pure white sleeveless peshwaz ( a women’s outfit like a gown with the front open and tied around the waist), embellished with silver “chappa (block printing) motifs and bail (vine) work”. She complimented the dress with plain red bangles and yellow and white gajras (wrist-worn garlands) and completed the look with silver teeka ( a traditional piece of head jewellery).

How much did Fatima Bhutto spend on her beautiful wedding dress?

The dress is from a Pakistani clothing brand Pink Tree. The original price of the dress is Rs65,000, plus Rs20,000 for the trouser to complete the dress.

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