Gold price declines by Rs1,400 per tola

Gold price was down Rs1,400 at Rs141,700 per tola and decreased by Rs1,200 to Rs121,485 per 10 grams. The rates of gold were Rs143,100 per tola and Rs122,685 per 10 grams.

The dealers had already anticipated the market to undergo a correction after the precious commodity scaled to new peaks. The gold hit an all-time high of Rs162,500 per tola on July 28.

Pakistan is a small market for gold at the global level. It meets the commodity’s demand through imports as it does not produce the commodity locally.

Accordingly, the gold price for local markets is determined by keeping in view its prices in world markets, rupee-dollar exchange rate, and demand and supply in domestic markets.

The latest price for local markets was determined to keep in view the prices at which trades took place among buyers and sellers.

It should be noted that the gold price is standing below cost. Gold is cheaper by Rs4,000 per tola compared to its price in Dubai.


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