LONDON: Renowned folk singer Saen Zahoor has been hospitalised after he fell unconscious during a live performance in London, Geo News reported on Saturday. 

Sain Zahoor, who shot to fame with his song ‘Allah Hu’, was performing at an event in London when he fell unconscious. 

The organisers of the event shifted the folk singer to a nearby hospital after he fell on the stage during a live performance in a hall in the eastern part of London. 

The hospital sources said the folk singer collapsed under physical exertion for being excessively tired. A source in the hospital said that he has not recovered so far but doctors hope he will recover soon. 

The organisers said Sain Zahoor was wholly fit and healthy. He has been busy with his London tour activities for the past many days and he performed in different concerts these days, said the organisers. 

However, he fell unconscious while he was in the middle of an energetic singing performance and he was shifted to a nearby hospital by an ambulance. 


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