Flash floods wreak havoc in Swat

Flash floods damaged houses and crops, blocked roads and caused power outages in Swat with several people to leave their houses due to the damage caused by the floodwater.

Several houses and hotels were flooded at Mingora by-pass. While the road of Mingora by-pass was blocked for any kind of travelling as it was inundated with the floodwater.

Due to the risk of a high-level flood in the Swat river, the administration directed the residents to leave their houses.

Also, rains wreaked havoc in the Tank district. 90 percent of the area has been badly affected by the flood. The flashfloods also swept away 3 people.

On the other hand, due to the floodwater of the Chenab river, residents have been facing food shortages, power outages. The people have lost their lands and animals. Their houses have also been swept away with the flashflood. The people of the area are living under the sky without any roof or shelter.

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