Fans recall Adeel Hussain's acting brilliance


Avid fans of Pakistani dramas can all agree on one thing: Adeel Hussain is still living rent-free in their minds.

From his portrayal of Jamshed in Jackson Heights and Junaid in Daam, the actor has emerged as one of the most prominent stars in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Beginning his career in 2007, Adeel marked his debut in the showbiz industry with Dunya Goal Hai, and four years later, carved a name for himself by winning a Best New Male Actor award for his popular offering, Daam. Despite having gone on to star in a string of television dramas, Adeel has kept himself away from the limelight in recent years. That does not mean, however, that he has left the hearts and minds of his fans.

Sparking a river of praise on X, one fan posted four pictures of the actor in various roles on her handle, and lamented, “Adeel Hussain had his type. He just didn’t have the age of social media.”

The fan went on to note that in his heyday, Adeel had even more pull than the biggest stars of Pakistani showbiz today. “Adeel Hussain was a more bankable actor than Humayun and Fawad at the time. People would tune in to his dramas because they associated good dramas with his name. Not good aesthetics or good scenes or good looks. But a general good drama overall.”

The post led to an outpouring of agreement from fans, many of whom feel the actor has been hard done by starting his career at a time when social media was not the rampant force it is today. One particular fan still haunted by Daam took a trip down memory lane steeped in nostalgia and wrote, “OG Pakistani 2000s drama fans knew. I loved him in Daam and to date, I feel so heartbroken for him because mans deserved better.”

As with all online debates, a lone voice of dissent surfaced, calling Adeel’s talent “limited”, criticising the actor for his role in Jackson Heights.

However, others were quick to challenge the view, pointing out that Adeel’s character in the show was meant to be unlikeable.

Meanwhile, one fan went as far as to call the actor, “Pakistan ka Aditya Roy Kapoor”.

One thing is clear: away from the limelight or in it, Adeel has firmly entrenched himself in the affections of his fans.

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