Drivers and passengers who fail to wear face masks inside their cars will be fined, Dubai Police said.

Individuals should cover their mouths and noses at all times if they step out of their homes –and this includes those inside a vehicle.
The rule came into effect after Dr Farida Al Hosani, spokeswoman for the country’s health sector, said everyone should wear a mask if they are outside their home, whether they show symptoms or not.
“After Dr Farida’s remarks, we issued a circular on the importance of wearing masks while inside cars as part of the precautionary measures,” said Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the traffic department at Dubai Police.
“Dubai Police then started warning motorists who were found not wearing masks while driving as a first step, but did not issue the fines at that stage.”

Drivers caught without masks received warnings via text message.

“We started sending out the warnings at first in order to let people know, so they do not claim they weren’t aware of the rule,” Brig Al Mazroui said.

“After that, if any of those who were warned for not wearing the mask inside the car repeated the offence, the actual fine was issued.”
On Monday, Dubai Police said it had issued 2,527 fines to people who breached the stay-at-home orders in the past few days.
The police also issued warnings to 233 people and fined five others who failed to wear masks in public areas or did not keep a safe distance from one another.
Another 204 drivers were warned and one motorist who was carrying more than three passengers was fined.
Residents are urged to use their own family cars, carrying with a maximum of three people, including the driver.
Another 2,076 warnings and eight fines were issued to residents for leaving their homes for non-essential work.
Shower and change after returning home, authorities say
In Dubai, residents must obtain prior permission each time they leave their homes as part of efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19.
All journeys outside the home, including those to pick up groceries, must be approved in advance.
People must register their planned trips online and describe the reason for their request, say where they will be going and estimate the length of time for which they will be away from home.

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