PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s Peshawar jalsa has been the talk of the town since last night as both party supporters and opponents are discussing it because of their own reasons.

While the party supporters and leaders are discussing the public gathering due to the alleged censorship imposed on the former prime minister’s rallies’ media coverage, opponents are discussing it because of the “false portrayal” of the crowd’s videos being circulated on social media.

The video of the crowd strength was being shared by PTI supporters, claiming that the people gathered were millions.

PTI leader Murad Saeed shared a video of PTI’s old jalsa on his social media account, claiming that it was the September 6 rally. The video from the previous public gathering had slightly more people than yesterday’s rally.

However, it should be noted that Senator Faisal Javed wore a sky blue-coloured dress in yesterday’s jalsa; however, in the video shared by Saeed, his colleague Javed was wearing a black colour dress.

Participation of PTI workers in yesterday’s jalsa in Peshawar was low, and this was also admitted by Special Assistant Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Barrister Saif himself.

— The thumbnail image of PTI’s rally in Chishtian held on September 7 was taken from party chief Imran Khan’s Instagram handle.

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