Devastating flash floods cripple Pakistan

Thirty million people have been affected and hundreds have been killed, government declares a national emergency, after heavy rains triggered historic flooding in the country.

The flow of water at the Munda Headworks bridge which collapsed last night has slowed down, but the threat of floods in Charsadda and Nowshera districts remains.

The bridge had broken down overnight due to the severe pressure of flood water, which disconnected Tehsil Shabqadar and Prang from the district.

As per media reports, the flow of water at Munda Headworks has reduced from 260,000 cusecs to 135,000 cusecs, said Charsadda Deputy commissioner Abdur Rehman Saturday morning.

In view of the expected flood, nearby localities were evacuated, he said, adding that the emergency measure was taken to avoid any human loss.

The deputy commissioner said that 17 relief camps have been established in Charsadda to deal with any emergency situation.

“Kabul River is still running in high flood,” he said, adding that the flow of water in the river is recorded at 280,000 cusecs.

“Water level is still high at Khayali Bridge in Kabul River,” he added.

A flash flood of 400,000 is expected to pass through the Kabul Rives in the next few hours, he warned.

The deputy commissioner confirmed that the flood water entered several areas in the district.

The Munda Headworks bridge incident took place late at night on Friday at around 11pm. The residents were then advised to leave their homes and go to government designated camps.


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