Although perceptions of progress on decarbonisation outpace actual development, bold projects are in place across the region to deliver a green economy

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Region primed for global green hydrogen leadership

While obstacles remain, the ever-more-pressing need to diversify fuel sources is making hydrogen transition a global economic necessity that the Middle East and Africa stand to gain much from

There have been fewer hot topics in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) over the past 18 months than the development of green hydrogen production.

Ever since Neom, Acwa Power and Air Products announced their $5bn investment in a world-scale green hydrogen production complex as the anchor project of the $500bn Neom development in 2020, energy companies around the world have been racing to establish plans of their own in the region.

Today, there are at least 46 known green hydrogen and ammonia projects across the MEA region, with an estimated total budget of more than $92bn.

Almost all have been announced since the start of 2021, equivalent to nearly two new projects a month. Read more

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