Court approves physical remand of suspects in Faisalabad torture case

  • Court gives two-day physical remand of prime suspect. 
  • Other four suspects were given 14-day physical remand. 
  • Prime suspect was presented before magistrate’s court.

FAISALABAD: A local court sent five suspects in the Faisalabad torture case on a physical remand on Wednesday. 

Sheikh Danish — who is a prime suspect in the case — was presented before the magistrate’s court. The court approved the two-day physical remand of the suspect and handed him over to police custody.

Meanwhile, four suspects Asghar, Mustafa, Tayyab and Faizan were sent on 14-day physical remand. 

Earlier today, a video of a teenager being tortured, humiliated and sexually harassed, went viral. 

The teenager was tortured over her refusal to marry an older man, who is the father of her friend. 

The video of the abuse that took place on August 9 shows a girl being tortured while a woman’s voice can be heard in the background. 

According to the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR), a special investigation has been set up under police officer Capt (retd) Muhammad Ajmal. 

The team will “oversee the finalisation of the police investigation within the specified time frame.”

The police had registered the case and arrested six people, including the prime suspect (her friend’s father) and a female household staff member.

Earlier, the police had reportedly said that the arrested suspects included the prime suspect’s wife as well, who is reportedly the woman behind the voice in the video.

Later, a separate case was registered against the prime suspect at the Khurrianwala Police Station, after liquor and weapons were found in his house. 

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