— Press release


— Press release 

LAHORE: The British Council, in partnership with Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF), launched a Virtual Museum project which plans to develop and sell art/non-fungible tokens (NFT) for flood relief. 

The project is initiated at the National College of Arts in Lahore on Sunday. 

The virtual museum, which is a part of the British Council’s Pakistan-UK Season: New Perspectives programme, is a digital platform for artists, academics and creative practitioners to re-examine our shared cultural language and artistic legacy. 

The virtual museum invited a diverse group of curators, collaborators and artists across the board to respond and contribute to Pakistan’s rich, multifaceted history post-independence. 

The project aims to facilitate broader socio-cultural changes and builds on the global reality of virtual connectivity despite physical borders, making cyberspace an ideal platform for local and global conversations.

LBF’s Executive Director Qudsia Rahim said that the Virtual Museum represents our shared history and heritage and hopes to build upon the research as presented by local practitioners. 

“With the current climate crisis in the country, it is now more crucial than ever, to come together, collaborate and help each other,” she said. 

British Council’s Business Director Cultural Engagement, South Asia, Kate Joyce said: “The Virtual Museum is an innovative way to use art and heritage in community building in an inclusive and impactful way.”

“I look forward to many young artists and curators contributing to this space as we go and meaningfully sharing ideas that pave way for an inclusive and sustainable future. The tragic recent events in Pakistan with the floods underline the importance of working together to tackle global challenges,” she added.


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