Building of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. — AFP/File

Building of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. — AFP/File

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday was provided with details of the salary and benefits given to the chief justice of Pakistan (CJP). 

The PAC sought details of perks and privileges received by the president, the prime minister, the top court judge and other supreme court judges.

According to the data provided to the PAC, the CJP receives a salary of Rs1,527,399, which is also much higher than the prime minister and the president. 

Apart from that, the chief justice is also allotted a government residence and two vehicles including a bulletproof car and a 1800cc car. 

The audit officials, in their briefing to the committee, said that the perks also include 600 litres of petrol, unlimited utility facilities, house rent of Rs98,000 per month and a daily allowance of Rs8,000. 

In a report published on The News, the salaries of supreme court judges are more than those of the president, the prime minister, ministers, federal secretaries and parliamentarians. 

The CJP ranks first in receiving the salary, supreme court judges second, and the president third while the prime minister is getting a salary even less than ministers and federal secretaries.

At a PAC meeting, Chairman Noor Alam Khan told the members that the president’s salary is Rs896,550, the prime minister’s Rs201,574, the CJP’s Rs1,527,399, apex court judges’ Rs1,470,711 and federal ministers’ Rs338,125. The salary of a parliamentarian is Rs188,000 while a grade-22 officer gets Rs591,475 a month.

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