UAE Visa fees, overstaying and modifying.

This page provides information on visa cost, fines for overstaying and rules for modifying visa status.

Cost of visas:

Ministry of Interior published a visa application fees list (in Arabic) which includes the various types of entry permits and residency permits applicable across all Northern Emirates and Abu Dhabi. Note that the fees differ slightly in each emirate.
An additional fee of AED 100 applies if the visa service is requested on an urgent basis. If you are applying for visa online, you can check the time required to process on the service card of the visa applied for.
Pricing for visa and entry permit services in Dubai: 

Overstaying your visa: 

Tourists and visit visa holders have a grace period of 10 days. If a tourist or a visitor overstays beyond the grace period, he will be fined with

AED 200 for the first day of overstay
AED100 each consecutive day
AED 100, as service fees.
In the case of UAE residents, they have 30 days’ grace period after visa expiry to either amend their status and get another residence visa or leave the country. Fines do not apply during the grace period.
If they overstay after the grace period, they will be fined with
AED 125 for the first day
AED 25 for each subsequent day.
AED 50 per day after six months of overstaying
AED 100 per day after one year of overstaying
Check details with GDRFA in your respective emirate.