Teacher in UAE dies of heart attack while taking remote classes.

The funeral prayer was attended by a few family members as the community adhered to the current precautionary measures.
An Emirati teacher of a public school in Al Ain died of heart attack as she was giving remote computer lessons to her students.

Aisha Issa Al Amrah, a computer teacher at Umm Kulthum School for Secondary Education in Al Amrah in Al Ain, passed away on Monday morning after her heart reportedly stopped functioning while she was conducting a claass.
Her body was buried Al Amira cemetry after the funeral prayer at Al Mutawa mosque which was attended by just a few family members as the community adhered to the current precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
The Emirati who had taught in public schools for 20 years left behind two children — a 17-year-old son who is in grade-11 and a 20-year-old woman studying at university.

Her brother, Abdel Rahman Issa Al Aidarous, told Al Bayan newspaper that his sister died at around 11am while explaining a computer lesson to her students through the remote learning system.

“My sister died of a heart attack. It was so devastating. The burial arrangements were completed on the same day with the participation of mourners from only the family and relatives, but not other people from the community,” said Al Aidarous, adding that it was important to comply with the government’s precautionary measures including the ban on gatherings during this Covid-19 crisis to prevent the spread of the disease.

“My sister, may God have mercy on her, has worked in the Ministry of Education for 20 years, and she’s been known for being passionate and dedicated to her job of teaching and completing her assignments to the fullest.”

He said Aisha has often persuaded her students to adapt to the new experience of distance learning by assuring them that it was a positive step for continuity of their education during the current situation and that remote learning was shaping their future to keep pace with the global education systems.

“She was such a fantastic person who loved everyone and was so friendly with her female students. She loved her profession and was keen on helping her students. She ensured that everyone understood her lessons. We shall always miss her.”

A group of female educators in Al Ain mourned Aisha and referred to her as a great teacher who will always be remembered for her love for the teaching profession. They said the Emirati always considered her job as a great service she offered  to her nation.