Renew vehicle online in UAE without inspection or standing in queue.
Dubai: If your vehicle is due for registration, do not delay. The RTA website offers a simple process to complete the registration which takes less than five minutes.
I have always gone to an RTA registered centre for both vehicle inspection and registration. So when I found that all such centres were closed, I was forced to log on to the RTA website to find out how to complete the vehicle registration process.
Without the need for vehicle inspection due to the current efforts to fight coronavirus in the UAE, the entire process is smooth and can be completed without any complications even by a novice.
The only document required is a valid insurance certificate, which is usually sent online by the provider to RTA. And of course, your credit card to make the payment.
Also keep in hand the traffic code number (TC number / traffic file number), which can be found on the registration card or on your driving licence to take a printout of the renewed vehicle registration online.
Simple steps
On the RTA website,, look for ‘renew vehicle registration’ and follow the four simple steps that are required to complete the renewal process – Search your vehicle, select delivery method, confirm and pay. Key in the plate number and emirate, and then make the payment using your credit card.
The registration for a car costs Dh380, which includes Dh 350 for renewal fees of a light vehicle, Dh10 for sticker and Dh20 for Knowledge/Innovation fee. If the vehicle is registered late, that is, after the registration has expired, fines are still in place and will be included in the payment.
One point to note is that the registration card itself can only be printed online at present, that is, it is an e-licene. It cannot be sent by courier or be printed at a kiosk. A message to this effect on the RTA website says: “Due to the current situation, ‘e-Vehicle License’ is the only available delivery method. Physical registration card printing is not needed.”
To print out the vehicle registration certificate, search for ‘print vehicle licence’ on the RTA website. On the page, key in the required details, including the TC number / Traffic file number, and the document can then be printed.