File photo of students attempting annual exams — PPI


File photo of students attempting annual exams — PPI

LAHORE: The Punjab government is set to introduce a grading system in educational institutions in the province to get rid of a race for marks among students so that the true capabilities of children can be set an the international standard. 

Speaking at a meeting of Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Higher Education Minister Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz said that the examination boards of the province are starting a grading system to do away with the marks race among students.

Raja Yassir further said that the provincial government was adhering to a comprehensive policy for the promotion of education in the province while implementation on various suggestions with regard to improving the performance of educational boards has been launched.

Raja Yassir stressed the need to eliminate the rote system. He added there was no dearth of talent in Pakistan but unfortunately our educational system was incapable of judging the performance of students in a better manner.

The students are in the race to obtain numbers from Matric up to the Masters levels and their creative abilities cannot be determined in the true sense, he added.

The minister further said the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen has also decided to enforce a grading system instead of marks in all the educational boards across Pakistan so that true abilities of hardworking students could be judged.


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