A screengrab of an alleged leaked audio clip of PTI leaders — GeoNews


A screengrab of an alleged leaked audio clip of PTI leaders — GeoNews

An alleged explosive leaked audio clip featuring Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders emerged on social media, pointing to the former ruling party’s involvement in Tuesday’s attack on Lahore’s Corps Commander House in Lahore.

The violent protests broke out almost across the country following the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan in Al-Qadir Trust corruption case with angry protesters damaging public properties and storming some military installations across the country.

In other video and audio messages, PTI leaders asked their workers and supporters to gather at Lahore’s Corps Commander House, formerly known as Jinnah House.

In the purported leaked audio clip, PTI Senator Ejaz Chaudhry could be heard telling another person — believed to be his son, Ali Chaudhry — that the protesters had ransacked the Corps Commander House and everything in the house including the flowerpots had been destroyed.

He added that three people also sustained bullet injuries.

When his son asked that shots were fired as well, Chaudhry replied in the affirmative saying first they fired shots followed by an entire burst and added that three people were hit by bullets.

“Nothing is left of the house, from flowerpot to everything, has been blown away,” the PTI senator added.

“Myth has been broken,” the PTI senator’s son remarked as he boasted about the attack on the top military commander’s residence in the Punjab capital city.

Apart from this, another audio leak purportedly featuring PTI leaders Sheikh Imtiaz and Sagheer Waraich has come to light, in which Waraich asks: “Sheikh Sahib should keep his areas closed or central point?”

The two leaders were also discussing the protest demonstration at Lahore’s Corps Commander House.

“We have gathered at the Corps Commander House,” Imtiaz told Wariach.

“Then we also get there?” asked Waraich to which Imtiaz responded in affirmative.


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