The Consul General of Iran Hasan Noorian. — Twitter

The Consul General of Iran Hasan Noorian. — Twitter
  • “Iran being pressured to recognise Israel or change current regime,” Consul-General of Iran Hasan Noorian says.
  • Noorian says propaganda being spread against Islamic Republic.
  • Says various external and internal forces in Iran want to destabilise country.

KARACHI: The Consul-General of Iran Hasan Noorian on Friday held a press conference at the Iranian Consulate in Karachi and talked to journalists about the recent situation in Iran, relations with Pakistan, and international sanctions on the country.

Noorian said that different types of propaganda are being spread against the Islamic Republic, and added that the main reason for that was Iran’s consistent foreign policy. 

“Iran is being pressured to somehow recognise Israel or change the current regime. These are the reasons why Mahasa Amini’s death is portrayed in the West as if she was killed by the Iranian police even though she was suffering from heart disease and the cause of her death was also natural,” he told journalists. 

The consul-general further added that there were various external and internal forces in Iran that want to destabilise the country.

“All these forces have used Amini, who was a Kurd, so the stalwarts of the Kurdistan Movement have used her for their own cause, which they claim is some sort of partition.”

He further certain groups in Iran were also using her death to spread sectarian chaos in the country. 

These are the reasons why the entire West, including the Pentagon, bolstered this case,” Noorian asserted, adding that no one talks about the rebellion of black people in America. 

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is not only standing firm in the face of Islamophobia, but apart from the defeat of Daesh, it is also hosting Afghan refugees who are playing an important role in the joint economic, political and cultural goals of Pakistan and Iran.”

He also claimed that more than 1,500 articles were published in the United States over the last seven days related to Amini, 700 articles were published in Britain in the last nine days, and 830 articles were published in Germany in the last seven days. 

In response to a question, Noorian said that he was not afraid of the United Nations sanctions because Iran has been “enduring these sanctions for forty years and will continue to endure them.”

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