Prince Harry has been having one prolific week with frequent appearances after his surprise video message about the Invictus Games on Saturday.

The British charity, that aims to give access to social centers to the youth living in adverse areas in the UK, has had the support of Harry since a while now. Even last year on November 17, the prince met Youth Zone users and presented them with the OnSide Health and Wellbeing Award.

In the video message, Harry harked back to the time he heard “stories of strength, of determination, of resilience, but ultimately of courage” at last year’s awards. “Hats off to every single one of you for surviving but also for thriving.”

“These stories and these challenges, these daily challenges that you guys are coming up against are unbelievable, and so many people will never understand,” he said, adding: “But you guys have the strength to pull through, and you have the support of the OnSide community, the OnSide family to help you through that process.”

“I can only imagine the last six weeks has made it even more challenging. This too shall pass, and before you know it, you will be back together again. Probably in a Youth Zone, you know, running around having the best time ever,” he added. 


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