Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority: DURING FLIGHT SOPs Validity: 18th~30th April 2020


  1. Passengers are to comply with the following instructions during air travel to Pakistan.
    These are in addition to any other instructions which are otherwise mandated for safe
    air travel, or as issued by the Cabin Crew from time to time during the flight :-
    a. All passengers are required to wear surgical masks throughout the duration of flight. The masks shall be provided by the airline at check in counter of the airport if the passengers do not have their own.
    b. Passengers are to occupy only the seats allocated to them and not change the seats in any case. They are also not allowed to congregate in the aircraft during the course of air travel.
    c. Inflight temperature of each passenger shall be checked after an interval of 90 minutes. A calibrated non-contact thermal device shall be used for the purpose.
    d. Any passenger having symptoms or feelings of COVID-19, including but not limited to shortness of breath, coughing, high fever and sore throat,
    must immediately inform the cabin crew.
  2. All cockpit and cabin crew will wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) dress and surgical masks throughout the duration of flight without compromising on safety.
  3. Cabin crew will provide hand sanitizer every hour during the flight to each passenger except during the food/ beverage service.
  4. Food and beverage is strongly discouraged for flights of duration less than 150 minutes.
  5. Three Aft rows shall be kept vacant for the passengers and crew displaying symptoms of illness.
  6. The passengers and crew members displaying symptoms of illness will be isolated towards aft of the aircraft and kept there till the termination of flight. Such persons will remain at this seat in the aircraft till such time the health crew is called in by the
    cabin crew for medical evacuation.
  7. After the completion of boarding, the Senior Purser/ Lead Cabin Crew will take a picture of each aircraft zone displaying passengers seated while wearing masks. The photograph of Passenger Seating, taken by the Senior Purser/ Lead Cabin Crew after boarding, will be submitted to the concerned Health staff at the airport of
    disembarkation Staff electronically/ through WhatsApp. The airline will maintain copies of these images in its record.
  8. Cabin Crew will spray disinfectant in the lavatory after every 60 minutes of flight.
  9. Before landing, the Captain of the aircraft will confirm to the concerned Air Traffic Controller that International Passenger Health Declaration Form has been filled by all.
    The completed Form will be checked at the entrance to the boarding bridge at the airport by the PCAA/ ASF Staff. The Captain of the aircraft has to confirm to the ATC that all passengers on board have filled the Form; otherwise no one shall be allowed to disembark the aircraft.
  10. The cabin crew shall use alcohol-based disinfection wipes to clean and disinfect their hands. After touching or disposing wastes, hands should be cleaned with hand sanitizer or soap.
  11. Upon contacting ill passengers (having symptoms of COVID-19), cabin attendants must ensure use of N95 masks, gloves and protective goggles in addition to their Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) suits.

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