• Top PTI leaders are not happy with Imran Khan, Musadik Malik says. 
  • Malik calls upon Imran to dissolve the Punjab and KP assemblies. 
  • He warns the government will stop the PTI’s long march.

Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Malik said that there are reports that some top leaders of the PTI are not pleased with statements made by Imran Khan.

If the PTI resigns from the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies, the situation will automatically lead to general elections, the state minister said, speaking in the Geo News programme ‘Capital Talk’ on Wednesday.

“If Imran Khan is serious about the claims he is making, he should resign from the Punjab and the KP assemblies, the country will inevitably move towards the elections,” he said. 

He said that the PTI has some representation in the Balochistan assembly too, so they should resign from there too.

“I don’t understand what they want to do. Has their maneuvering anything to do with the election?” Musadik Malik said. 

The PML-N leader said the top leaders of the PTI may accompany Imran Khan during his protest sit-in or long march but there are reports that most of them are not satisfied with Imran over his recent statements. 

Replying to a query regarding Imran Khan’s statement on the negotiations with the establishment, the PML-N senator criticised the PTI leader for stating that the negotiations are underway and termed it a conspiracy.

The PTI is welcome in Islamabad if all they want is stage a protest sit-in, he said. But, if they are marching towards Islamabad to cause harm to people’s life and property, then the government will do whatever is permissible in law and the Constitution to halt them, he warned.

He also raised a question for Imran Khan as to what his party is lobbying in the United States for, if the US ended his government.

Long March to take place in October at all costs: Imran

Imran Khan reiterated his resolve to launch the anti-government protest movement before the end of the current month [October] at all cost. He said that the march was crucial for “haqeeqi azadi (real freedom)” of Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that the coalition rulers were “running away” from elections after the government rejected his suggestion of holding snap polls.

Khan has warned the government that he has given it “some time” to take a decision on announcing the date for the general elections; otherwise, he will move towards Islamabad — and the march will not be delayed beyond October.

In a conversation with delegations of the National Press Club and Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ), the ex-premier said that the government was trying its best to disqualify him. Hence, cases were lodged against him, he noted.

Despite the former prime minister’s repeated warnings, the federal government warned him against marching to the capital.


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