Leopard dies after falling off mountain in Mansehra

  • Male leopard was of rare species.
  • Wild cat was rushed to Dhodial’s pheasantry after sustaining injuries.
  • Small wound with bleeding on head possible cause of death.

MANSEHRA: A common leopard died as it succumbed to injuries after falling off the high mountains on the Kaghan Highway in Mansehra on Monday.

According to the wildlife department, the injured leopard was taken to a nearby wildlife station in the city. In a video, Deputy Ranger of the Kaghan Wildlife subdivision Farhan Tariq earlier said that the leopard was being taken to a pheasantry in an ambulance of the Kaghan Development Authority (KDA).

The News reported that the animal was shifted to the wildlife department’s pheasantry in Dhodial. Officials of the wildlife department said that severe injuries caused the leopard’s death and that it was a rare male leopard from the area.

Following the incident earlier today, the Divisional Forest officer wildlife department Taimur Shah told reporters that the wild cat was four years old and fell from the high mountains on the road as he couldn’t control himself chasing a grey goral from a steep in speed.

As per eyewitnesses, the leopard fell on the road from the thick forests of Malkandi National Park and attempted to flee afterwards but fell unconscious after a while.

Motorists and passersby assembled near the unconscious leopard and started making selfies and photos.

The wildlife department official said that a small wound was on the leopard’s head with little bleeding, which could possibly be caused by the wood.

“We have started an investigation under the Wildlife Biodiversity Act 2015 and if anybody is found involved in hunting or inflicting injuries to a leopard, might be taken to justice under strict relevant laws,” Shah said.

Last month, as many as four common Asian leopards intruded Saidpur village located next to the protected area, and hunted a goat, causing panic among residents.

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