The Korangi Fire Station building. File photo

The Korangi Fire Station building. File photo 

The law enforcers have arrested another accused in the gun assault at the Korangi Fire Brigade Station in Karachi.

The personnel of the Rangers and police launched a joint operation and arrested Siddique Baba, who is the suspect involved in the gun attack at the fire brigade office located in Korangi.

The Rangers have already arrested Sheikh Bilal Zafar Farooqi, who was the accomplice of Siddique Baba.

The spokesman of the paramilitary force said that the weapon used in the assault has also been recovered from the possession of the suspect.

Both the attackers had gunned down Mahboob, Amir and Irshad in the gun attack earlier this month, said the Rangers spokesman in his statement.

Two killed as armed men storm Korangi fire station

Earlier this month, two officials of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s fire department were killed and another was wounded after unidentified persons opened fire on a fire station in the Korangi area of the city.

Police said unidentified suspects opened fire on a fire brigade office located near Bilal Chowrangi in Korangi within the limits of the Awami Colony police station, killing two persons on the spot and injuring another.

The deceased fire brigade officials were identified as 55-year-old Amir and Mehboob, 40, whereas, the injured official was identified as 30-year-old Irshad.

The police said the suspects entered the fire brigade office after climbing the walls and held the security guard hostage at gunpoint. They took him inside the office and asked about other employees, after which one of the suspects brought the victims together and they were shot.

Another official, Zeeshan, was also present at the office when the incident took place. He informed the police that he was an eyewitness to the incident.

“Two armed men entered the fire department and asked me to stand with a telephone operator at a control room and also asked about other employees.”

He said that the other employees were sleeping and one of the suspects brought two victims into the control room and put a pistol on the forehead of one of them, asking him to recite Kalma before shooting him. The witness said that the suspect triggered his pistol but the bullet was stuck, due to which he again fired, killing Mehboob on the spot. Following this, Amir and Irshad offered resistance, during which Zeeshan managed to escape from the room.

Later, the injured employee also managed to reach a fuel station next to the office and informed its employees about the incident who called the police through the helpline 15.

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