Chairman PTI Imran Khan. — Facebook PTI


Chairman PTI Imran Khan. — Facebook PTI
  • CEC of Pakistan is an electoral fraud, says Imran Khan.
  • Will not accept Ishaq Dar silently, he says.
  • Nation should be ready for protest call, says Imran.

MUZAFFARABAD: Chairman PTI Imran Khan on Thursday said every time Ishaq Dar became the finance minister, he bankrupted the country.

“If we accepted him silently, then we’d be no different from sheep and goats,” Khan hollered through the powerful speakers while addressing a swelling rally in Muzaffarabad.

This is the fourth time Dar, 72, has taken the helms of the country’s financial and economic affairs. His appointment comes at a time devastating floods have killed more than 1,600 people and destroyed homes, crops, roads and rail networks, taking the tally of total losses above $30 billion dollars.

In his fourth time in the job, the chartered accountant is facing a balance of payment crisis, foreign reserves that cover barely a month’s imports, historic lows in the rupee, inflation exceeding 27 percent and the aftermath of devastating floods.

Moving forward, Khan told his cohorts that currently PTI was busy making preparations [for their countrywide protests] and would very soon give a call to the nation.

The PTI leader also lambasted the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) during his fiery public speech.

“The CEC of Pakistan is an electoral fraud. The nation will not forgive him.”

The former prime minister warned the CEC to resign or face litigation.


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