The Golden Tabby Tiger Alfied cools itself in a pool at the Karachi Zoo. — by reporter/File


The Golden Tabby Tiger “Alfied” cools itself in a pool at the Karachi Zoo. — by reporter/File

KARACHI: Karachi Zoo on Thursday lost its Golden Tabby Tiger most probably due to cardiac arrest.

“The tiger, named Alfied, was 21 years old and died of natural reasons,” said Ali Hassan Sajid, a spokesperson for Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

The tiger, a subspecies of the Bengal Tiger, was found dead in its cage in the morning. When it comes to life expectancy, tigers usually live around 20 to 26 years in captivity.

According to sources, the tiger was not well for a while and was unable to move on its own and the veterinaries at the zoo’s panel were doing their best to keep the animal in good health.

According to Sajid, the tiger was transferred from Safari Park to Karachi Zoo in 2013.

According to Our Breathing Planet, the Golden Tabby Tiger — though not technically a species in its own right — currently lists as the third-rarest creature on earth. With almost absolute certainty, no survivors exist in the wild.

This animal does not technically qualify as a separate species. Instead, it represents the result of a recessive gene arising from the interbreeding of a Bengal and an Amur tiger.

This occurred in captivity in the early 20th century. In effect, it represents a mutation. Our moral compass here questions why this species exists at all.

The colours of this mammal’s coat remain lighter than that of other tigers and would be an actual disadvantage in the wild, as a result of reduced camouflage capability. 


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