Illegal appointments case: Pervaiz Elahi sent to jail on judicial remand


A judicial magistrate of Lahore on Sunday announced reserved verdict in illegal appointments case against former chief minister of Punjab Parvez Elahi.

Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Virk had reserved his verdict on the plea for the suspect’s physical remand.

The court sent Elahi to jail on judicial remand while rejecting the plea for physical remand.

Earlier today, after being re-arrested for the second time, PTI President was presented before the duty magistrate at the district courts on Sunday afternoon.

The anti-corruption officials sought the former chief minister’s physical remand from the court.

Elahi’s lawyer urged the court to discharge his client from the case, as no evidence against him had been presented in court.

The duty magistrate told the prosecution he will wait for 15 minutes, and if it did not want the case to be heard, he will leave.

“We do not want you to hear the case, as we do not trust you. We will submit a plea with the sessions judge against placing the case before you,” the prosecution said, at which the court announced a break of 15 minutes.

After the break, Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Virk said if the prosecution did not like his judgement, it could challenge it, adding if it did not want to present the suspect, it could file an application for appearing before another judge.

On Saturday, Elahi was re-arrested for the second time after being discharged in three cases.

The Anti-Corruption Establishment re-arrested Elahi and kept him in its headquarters.

This time, he was arrested in the case of allegedly making ‘illegal recruitments’ in the Punjab Assembly.

The anti-corruption spokesman said the former chief minister of Punjab made 12 illegal recruitments in the Punjab Assembly in Grade 17.

Failed candidates were recruited in the Punjab Assembly by altering their records, the spokesperson claimed.

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He further said that fake testing services were hired for fudging the recruitment process, adding the illegal recruitments in the Punjab Assembly were proved during the anti-corruption inquiry.

The spokesperson further said that there is clear evidence of corruption in the recruitments.

A local court had acquitted PTI president and former Punjab chief minister Parvez Elahi in corruption cases. Senior Civil Judge Muhammad Afzal pronounced the reserved verdict.

On Friday, in a surprising turn of events, the PTI president had found himself back in the spotlight after news broke of his arrest in another graft case shortly after being discharged from court.


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