So apparently none of these fast food places have fucking salads anymore so I’m basically forced to cheat on my diet today. Luckily I haven’t ate anything today other than a yogurt this morning, but I basically have to cheat and eat this Texas double whopper from burger King and a 9 piece chicken fries. Says the fat content is an astonishing 100+ grams. It’s almost the last thing I’d like to eat but unfortunately my family isn’t on the same diet, so compromises gotta be made. Anyways, how much weight lifting or running or hit exercise do I have to do if I weigh 193 pounds, 6’1, and am at a moderately active fitness level? Apparently my bmr is 1911 which I’m not positive is super accurate but that’s what chronometer tells me so im just going with it. I’ll just treat this as a cheat day I guess. I’d just really like to know how hard I gotta work to burn off all that fat. Like are they injecting their beef with fat to make it taste good or something? Even McDonald’s food has less fat than bk believe it or not.

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