Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Thursday said the coalition government has no involvement in the audio leaks, saying that for the last few days, audio tapes of PTI and coalition government are surfacing but the government has not been involved in any of them.

Addressing an important presser at the Prime Minister’s House, PM Shehbaz said: “If I was involved in the audio leaks of PTI leaders, why would I release mine?”

“Let’s go back to April 3 when voting was to be held on the no-confidence motion and everybody knows the incidents that took place on that day. But I just want to narrate what exactly happened on that day,” he said.

The premier narrated that the then-deputy speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri, who was officiating the proceeding on behalf of then-speaker Asad Qaiser, allowed the information minister [Fawad Chaudhry] of that time to speak before the voting began. 

He read a statement which mentioned that a conspiracy had been hatched against the PTI government and termed it a “foreign conspiracy”.

“On this, Suri sahab refused to allow the voting process to take place without even taking the Opposition into confidence,” PM Shehbaz went on to say, adding that the “hues and cries of the Opposition were ignored.”

The PM went on to say that within no time, Imran Khan appeared on the television screens and announced that he was dissolving the National Assembly, “surprisingly the summary was also passed by the President of Pakistan within 20 minutes.”

“I am not repeating the incidents. I just want to share the link of the entire conspiracy,” he clarified.

Taking a jibe at President Alvi, the premier said that the president who takes days and weeks to approve summaries, including the one regarding the appointment of governor Punjab, passed the summary regarding the dissolution of assemblies within 20 minutes.

“This was the basis of the conspiracy that Khan has been playing along with for the last five months and wasting the nation’s time,” PM Shehbaz said, lamenting that due to his wrongdoings, the country’s relations with the biggest powers of the world had been compromised.

Recalling that several “baseless allegations” were levelled at several coalition government leaders during this time, he said: “You can say whatever you want, but calling someone a traitor […] there is no bigger conspiracy than it.”

“On the floor of the Lower House, I said that if God forbid this conspiracy was proved against me or the coalition, then the nation has the right to hang me.”

Speaking about the recently surfaced audio leaks allegedly featuring Khan and his former federal ministers, the premier said that the leaks had revealed the PTI chief’s truth.

“He can be heard saying that this was a game […] they can be heard saying that minutes of the meeting should be made according to their wishes. They played with the nation’s trust. The country’s honour was sabotaged in such a manner that no such example is found in history […] this is nothing less than treason,” Shehbaz said, claiming that Khan played a “serious game with the country”.

“I am asking you all, is there any doubt left as to who was behind the conspiracy?”

PM Shehbaz said that he was holding an address today “to sensitise the nation” against the “biggest liar in the country”, alleging that Imran could sacrifice the country for his personal benefits.

More to follow…

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