Graham (Gibran) signs the marriage contract while Fatima Bhutto smiles in the background. — Twitter/@fbhutto

Graham (Gibran) signs the marriage contract while Fatima Bhutto smiles in the background. — Twitter/@fbhutto

Fatima Bhutto, granddaughter of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who tied the knot on Friday has shared more details about her nikah with Graham (Gibran).

The Pakistani author got married in an intimate ceremony at her family home in Karachi’s 70 Clifton, her brother Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Junior revealed by posting a picture of the bride and groom on Instagram.

“On behalf of our father, Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto and the Bhutto family, I’m very happy to share some happy news. My sister Fatima and Graham were married in an intimate nikkah ceremony yesterday at our home, 70 Clifton,” he tweeted with a photograph of the couple.

Taking to Twitter, Fatima also shared more details and pictures of her marriage with Graham, who started trending on the microblogging site as soon as the news broke.

“Yesterday, Graham and I married in a small nikkah ceremony in my family home, 70 Clifton,” the newly-wedded bride wrote. 

She also added a picture of Graham signing the marriage with her sitting in the background.

Fatima told her followers that Zulfikar tied the imam zamin, which belonged to their grandmother Nusrat Bhutto, on her and the nikah was solemnised in Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s libraries, a place she said was her “most beloved places on earth”.

“Behind us were my aunts, uncle and father’s childhood photos and an original People’s Party flag placed by my grandfather himself,” she wrote in the thread that contained a vibrant picture of her and Graham with all of what she mentioned, in the background.

Fatima then announced that the couple would not have any other ceremonies, saying: “I’m not one for opulent weddings but especially now it feels so inappropriate given what so many are struggling through.”

She said that she missed her father, Murtaza Bhutto dearly but felt his presence. Fatima added a picture of Zulfikar junior and her other relatives bringing her for nikah under a dupatta

“I felt him in my heart and among us as everyone present loved Papa so much,” she wrote, asking people for their prayers and thanking them for the wishes she received on her big day.

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